To those I know and those I don’t

So many

I’m happy for

If you ever think of me

I wish you too

Ten fold

To those I know and those I don’t by Robert Rodriguez.

September 16, 2018. 10:42PM


Your passion

Your first game at 2

Dodgers vs. the hated Giants

Left field pavilion

Where the hardcore sit

While others yelled expletives

Your tiny but strong voice rose

Go home Giants!

All within earshot laughed

And gave you high fives

That was the first of many

Hundreds of sporting events later


Will be your last before college

And I can’t wait to spend

The next few hours with you

The way we’ve spent many hours before

Together with a mutual love

Of sport


And most importantly

Of each other

Your passion by Robert Rodriguez. August 5, 2018. 9:45AM


Consistently had a job

Since 17

24 years work experience

13 of those years

Worked for self

The rest for someone else

Those 11 working years

Have been tougher

Weighed heavier on the soul

Than the lucky 13

On my own

Working for someone else

At the moment

Until I’m not


Soon by Robert Rodriguez. August 4, 2018. 8:51AM