A shut mouth catches no flies

No matter how positive

I may seem

Dark thoughts cross my mind

They are usually suppressed

By the realization

That love and light

In life

Bring more happiness

Than the shit I choose

To keep to myself

A shut mouth catches no flies by Robert Rodriguez. November 21, 2018. 9:47AM

#NaBloPoMo2018 #NanoPoblano2018 #teamtinypeppers


Go away

Restless sleep

Trouble breathing

Blowing of nose

Over and over

‘Tis the season

Of colds

And the flu


Aches and pains




Warm blankets

Hours in bed



Wanting to feel


And all better

Go away by Robert Rodriguez. November 20, 2018. 11:27AM

#NaBloPoMo2018 #NanoPoblano2018 #teamtinypeppers

Good friends

A strange bed


Makes for good sleep

So it may take a while

To get used to

If you’re lucky enough

To be invited back

So fluff the pillow

Fold the sheets

And blanket

Or you may not be welcomed back

To your friends

Spare bedroom

While visiting from out of town

What were you thinking?

Good friends by Robert Rodriguez. November 17, 2018. 7:37AM


Don’t take it so serious

For you not

What they are going through

Don’t take yourself so serious

For you may not

Have come across

The tools you need

To handle your current situation

Solutions will come

Maybe not right away

But they will come

As long as you search

Ask questions

Ask for help

And dig

And dig

And dig

Seriously by Robert Rodriguez. November 15, 2018. 8:39AM

#NaBloPoMo2018 #NanoPoblano2018 #teamtinypeppers