With Blinders On

Came to the realization
That I missed a day
Only a few minutes after missing
A day without a post
But don’t feel badly
I don’t
Things were busy
Breakfast with mom
Then straight to work
And all the details
I’ll spare you with
When the the time struck
It was time to go pick her up
Take her to my brothers
For a pre Thanksgiving prep
As I leave
A text comes in
“Gobble gobble”
And I know exactly what it means
More records for me
Long time business associate
Who’s ready for me to pick up
One of my favorite things
Boxes of 45 rpm records
My hobby turned business
I could bore you with the details
Of going through them
One by one
And how it’s
One of the most divine feelings
In my life
How my breathing gets heavier
I start to sweat
And my heart beats a little faster
Not knowing
What comes next
Will it be a box full of the same old stuff
Or possibly stuff I’ve never seen
Or the dream
A long time want
Like last year
When I could hardly believe
In my hands
After 24 years…
It’s mine!!!
I’ll spare you the boring details
Of how I checked 3 times
To make sure it was real
Texting my brother
“Look what I found!”
And him responding
“WOW! You’ve been looking for that forever. Congratulations!”
So the hours slid
Right through my fingers last night
When the clock struck 12
I realized
That I missed a day
With all the excitement
And anticipation
Of unearthing another
Potential long time treasure
Can you blame me?

With Blinders On by Robert Rodriguez. November 23, 2017. 10:08AM

Salud Jerry

You will be missed
You will be missed
Teary eyed
Just found out
And all I can think is
You will be missed
We met through music
But it quickly was friendship
Beyond just talking records
Your smiling face
Caring heart
A warm soul
And this wasn’t just with me
Mutual friends
Say the same
Got love for you friend
Through thick and thin
So many have love for you friend
You will be missed
You will be missed

Salud Jerry by Robert Rodriguez. November 20, 2017. 10:08PM

A Beautiful Day For Baseball

Ended the season tied

A one game playoff would decide

League champion


Who would represent the district


Tournament Of Champions

Tigers vs. Giants

The hated Giants

Our rivals


Standing on the mound

Three outs away from winning

Got the first and second batter

Then a couple of hits

Wasn’t the type of pitcher to slow the game down

As soon as the catcher threw the ball back after a pitch

I’d whip it right back to him

Couple of pitches into the next batter

Coach yelled

Take a deep breath


Looked up

As I took the deep breath I normally wouldn’t take

Noticed, not a cloud in the sky

Perfect day for a ball game

Stepped on the rubber

Come on “Little Fernando”

Nicknamed after my favorite player

And fellow Mexican pitcher

Began my wind up

Hurled the ball toward the plate

Huge swing by the hitter

The kind that’s usually followed by a hand in the air

After knocking the ball out park

Except he got on top of it

A slow roller toward me on the mound

Calmly picked it up

Softly tossed it to the first baseman

Runner only a couple steps from the bag

When the ball landed in my teammates glove

And the umpire called him “Out!”

A collective cheer

As we beat our hated rivals

Jumping up and down

Tears rolling down my face

Soon I was bawling

Emotion got the best of me


Pops made his way over

Thought it was to congratulate me

Grabbed by the arm instead

Pulled away from cheering teammates

Low voice

Through gritted teeth and pursed lips

What’s wrong with you?

Why are you crying?

Anger in his face

Men don’t cry!

You’re embarrassing yourself, and me

He let me go and I rejoined my team

Moment of joy gone

Leaving my head buzzing with embarrassment

And some anger of my own


Tried to explain myself

On the way home

Even major leaguers cry

After winning the World Series dad

He quickly let me know

You didn’t win the World Series

I don’t care what others do

If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?


11 years old

Came to the conclusion

Had to become a man

Men don’t express feelings

Be tough

Don’t be a little bitch

Keep it in

Whatever you do

From now on

Keep it all in


A Beautiful Day For Baseball by Robert Rodriguez August 16, 2014. 6:32AM

A little disclaimer for today’s post, it’s something I wrote in 2014 and I’m sharing this because it took me a long time to get over this incident and how “machismo” in Latin culture and patriarchy overall can squash hopes and dreams and love and the human spirit in society and creates cold hearts, anger, resentment, low self esteem and worst of all self hate for having natural feelings. Just one man’s opinion.

Like A Weed

Going to a wedding tomorrow
It’s been a while since the last one
3 or 4 years, maybe
Wore slacks
Nice shirt
And tie
No jacket
Because I outgrew it
Going to a wedding tomorrow
It’s been a while since the last one
3 or 4 years, maybe
Got a nice shirt
And tie
This time
No slacks
Catching up to my chest and belly
So I’m off to the store now
Don’t feel bad just yet
There is some good news in all of this
At least my socks still fit

Like a weed by Robert Rodriguez. November 17, 2017. 12:32PM