Nano Poblano 2017

I’m new to the Nano Poblano community and wordpress. My other poems are under the same name but on tumblr. Normally I write short poems but joining this community really inspired me to write…..

Because I’m a hot person, temperature wise, most nights I sleep with a fan on me. It is never oscillating. Instead, it stays set in one position constantly, usually on my back or chest since it’s the largest part and what seems like the warmest part of my body. This morning the wind was blowing in my face. More specifically it was blowing in my now open eyes, which began to dry them out. My morning ritual of laying on my side and being on my phone for a bit, typing emails, catching up on what friends are up to or reading the latest news on my phone is now being interrupted. Uncomfortable but too lazy to get up to reposition, or totally turn the fan off, I instead blocked the wind with my pillow. It worked for a moment but I now had my pillow in and position my neck was not used to. This put me in a predicament. Oh the ridiculous choices, I could, 1. Get up to turn off or reposition the fan, which you already know I didn’t choose. 2. Continue to block the wind with my pillow and be uncomfortable (wah, wah, poor me), or 3. Turn my body to face away from the fan.

You probably guessed it. I chose 3. I wiggled my way from laying on my right side, which consists of what feels like most of my weight being on my right shoulder, to now my left side/shoulder.

Ahh…wind no longer in my face, no longer drying out my eyes. Yes! Problem corrected. Life it seems is not so fair and just and easy, you know, the grass is not always greener on the other side, of my shoulder. Let me explain. My right side is my predominate side. It’s my writing hand, my throwing hand, my teeth brushing hand. I can go on but you get the point. At this point of my story you may have found yourself yawning, and likely thinking, why the hell do I care about this ridiculous, boring, unimportant detail of this guy’s life? Don’t worry, there will be a lesson, it may pertain to just me, but there will be a lesson. So, I’m now on my left side/shoulder and what should be a freeing experience from always being on my right is…so stinking weird. I realize, I never lay on this side. Never. Or rarely and it’s so odd. The normal routine is not…normal. It’s like I’m on another planet. My hand eye coordination and depth perception is off. All of a sudden I can’t type right. Scrolling on my phone is awkward and just seems wrong. My mind is having to let go of my norm and learn, adjust and adapt to this new side. I consider myself open minded to new things and ideas and this questions how true that statement really is.

It seems I maybe so stuck in my ways that something as simple as turning around feels odd to me. On a positive note, confrontation, no matter how small, can lead to realization. And it can lead to something that Fresh Off The Pad Poetry is all about, “Poetry from nothing.. Inspired by anything”. In this case, Writing from nothing, inspired by anything. Welcome to my blog and good luck to all of those who chose to take on Nano Poblano 2017. Let’s have some fun!


16 thoughts on “Nano Poblano 2017

  1. Pleased to meet you Robert 🙂 I enjoyed your tale, it makes total sense to me. I’ve gone back to a basic phone instead of a smartphone for the time being and I’m having to remember how to type on the things again to send messages (ugh!) but I am gaining appreciation now as to why relatives send me garbled texts and I realise it is because they are struggling to type too – enlightenment! With different perspectives, we learn new ways to adapt to challenges and find new ways to facilitate dealing with problems. So poetry from nothing can be pulling poetry from everything, depending on your perspective. Look forward to reading more of your stuff buddy 🙂

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    1. Pleased to meet you as well David and thank you for taking the time to visit my site, I greatly appreciate it!
      Oof…I don’t think I could go back to a basic phone again, I remember how challenging texting was back then. You’re a braver man than me…haha!
      The beautiful thing about being human is that we mostly struggle in the same mundane things, the agony of being human is that we are too afraid to share that struggle so we think we are alone. P.S. that sounds like a poem right in this post. In fact, you just inspired my day 3 post. I’ll give you full credit.
      I look forward to your posts as well.
      Thanks for the inspiration.
      All the best,

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