It’s Ok

Applied for a job

It had been a while

About 12 years to be exact

Not since the last “9-5”

The one left behind 

In order to start a business 

Fought applying for a while

Saw it as failure 

As giving up on the dream

A false thought

Dreams change 


And as successful as it’s been

There have been moments 

Where it led to depression 

When not enough money 

Was coming in

And borrowing began

Not from banks 

But from friends and family

Putting a strain on them too

Paying them back 

As soon as possible 

While the business isn’t going away

And still profitable 

It’s time to have steady income


Peace of mind

Of knowing 

Money will come regularly 

Applying for the job

Is not giving up on the dream

Just a quicker way 

To fulfill it

It’s ok by Robert Rodriguez. November 1, 2017 9:42AM

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