Take What You Like And Leave The Rest

Don’t take it personal 

Heard it be said

And it was challenging 

To not take it 

As if 

The world was against me

Maybe it happened so often

That calluses formed

Or I grew up

And when I really 

Really listened 

Even though it stung

Most of the time

It was meant 

With love

Even if it was said 

With some bite

When it started with

Don’t be stupid 

What the fuck is your problem 

Or other awful beginnings

It was always followed by 

A genuine 


Even when it was wrong

For me 

And my sanity

Take what you like and leave the rest by Robert Rodriguez. November 4, 2017. 10:19AM


3 thoughts on “Take What You Like And Leave The Rest

  1. I think people shouldn’t say “Don’t take it personally” as you always will. Instead, they should say “Take this personally” and then thanks to the miracles of reverse psychology, I will be like “OK then, I won’t take it personally!” and then the whole script is flipped! But then again the person saying that is looking to soften you up first before offering what I would hope to be constructive criticism but usually isn’t that at all. I really wish people would offer friendly advice more and find better ways to phrase things without coming off as jerks. “The calluses formed” is very vivid too. If there is anything in life I don’t want people messing with, it’s my teeth and my feet.

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  2. Haha…good ole reverse psychology. Thanks for sharing your though process with me!
    Don’t take it personally is definitely a sure way to make someone’s guard go up immediately, at least for me. If I ever offer advice nowadays it is usually (although I slip from time to time) when someone asks for it, and I would rather phrase it as a suggestion. That way I don’t take it personally if they don’t go with my suggestion and it gives them the option to “take what they like and leave the rest”. A Win, win for both parties!
    I’m not fond of being messed with at all, but you have a good point, teeth and feet are definitely something I want people to stay away from. Cheers!


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