Good Night

Just woke up

And all I want to do

Is take a nap

Wish I could say

That today

Was the first day


It happens quite frequently 

My brother 

Used to get frustrated 

By how easy it was

Day or night

Just close my eyes

Sitting or laying 

Made no difference 

He’d toss and turn

And finally fall asleep 

This was never my problem 

It was staying asleep 

Sleep comes

Two to four hours at a time 

Five if I’m lucky

Doesn’t matter the day of the week

Don’t think it’s insomnia 

Even if it is

It doesn’t anger me

I’ve come to accept it

No big deal

So I’m going to take a nap

Good night by Robert Rodriguez. November 5, 2017. 8:47AM

3 thoughts on “Good Night

  1. I’m sure I used to get better sleep when I was younger. Mine is all interrupted now and my brain tries to divide it into sleep cycles, creating mathematical problems that probably help to keep me awake while I work out how many sleep cycles I should be getting in the time periods that I have available. If I can grab three or four sleep cycles of ninety minutes minimum, regardless of how they are strung together, then I am less like a grouchy bear and more like a happy chappy. A good subject to write a poem about, so many people are going to relate with their own lack of sleep, especially creative types.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree! It’s all math and doesn’t matter how you get to the zone of being well rested, as long as you do.

      I’m basically a grown baby, waking up pretty much every two hours, except it’s not for a feeding, I guess I’m waking up because I got enough rest for the moment.

      Sleep is definitely one of those subjects that almost everyone can relate to.

      P.S. Get sleep where you can, as often as possible because the world is a better place with happy chappy’s in it…haha

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