Little Did You Know


A favorite word of mine

In time of peace

Or war

Little did you know by Robert Rodriguez. 

November 9, 2017. 9:37AM

3 thoughts on “Little Did You Know

  1. Haha…hey, we are one in the same then David!
    Those are 2 great examples of people who use the word well.
    Now, I’ll share how I used the word, not quite as eloquently as some but hey, what fun would it be to use motherfucker in a sentence eloquently anyway.
    If you ever find yourself shaking your head at someone throughout the day, picture me saying “this motherfucker”.
    If you ever find yourself thinking or saying oh my god (or whatever your variation of this phrase you use), picture me saying “motherfucker”
    if you ever find yourself saying what the fuck, picture me saying “what the shit”. (just thought I’d share)
    Basically the word motherfucker is used loosely around here.


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