In The Meantime I’ll Share These Lines

Had the lines in my head

Repeated them 

Over and over

So as to not forget

With no pencil around 

Open my phone

To make a note

And got instantly 


These words 

Now float through space



For recapture

In the meantime I’ll share these lines by Robert Rodriguez. November 11, 2017. 7:15AM


7 thoughts on “In The Meantime I’ll Share These Lines

  1. I don’t even dare use my old type phone to take notes, thanks to the horrible multiple key presses for individual letters. I will be getting a new Smartphone soon at some point this month and it will be a blessing to have a device that is easy to type into. Or will it be a blessing though? I’ve found that the more different places you have to squirrel away notes, the easier it is to forget about them and only discover them again months later when you decide to do a bit of housekeeping in your journal, tablet or mobile phone. I think we need to be disciplined enough to make notes and leave a reminder that pops up in our face repeatedly saying we have written something and should probably do something with it soon, rather than letting it gain virtual dust indefinitely 🙂

    My Kindle is great example of this. I keep forgetting I have books on there that I need to read because bury it under stuff, forget about it and then have to charge it again and again because the battery runs down – out of sight, out of mind.

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    1. Haha…I understand. I’ll never go back to a old phone like the one you mention. Too much work!
      Well, I have enjoyed switching to a smart phone. Then again I do a lot of business on it so it’s not all about leaving notes on there but what I have noticed is that most of my writing is done on the notes section of it. Don’t do much pad to pencil writing anymore so my stuff is mostly all in one place.
      You are right about forgetting. It’s so easy. Out of sight, definitely out of mind.

      I do suggest getting a smart phone. You, like me, will probably wonder what the hell took you so long to make the switch. Believe me I fought it for a while.
      Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


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