_____ My Love

The kid has grown so fast
He sets his own alarm nowadays
No more waking him up
Getting him in the shower
Making sure he eats a little something
Before driving him
13 miles
16 miles
20 miles
One way
Across town
Hour long drives
Just to get him to school on time
Then after school pick-up
Twice a day
In LA traffic
Averaging 3-4 hours in a car together
Didn’t even care
Because it was time well spent
Daily conversations
Life lessons and sharing
Some rides silent
Didn’t matter
It was still time spent together
He drives himself now
Has his owns schedule
And social calendar
Applying for college
Newly registered voter
He’ll get to vote in the next election
The kid has grown so fast
Don’t share much about him
Because he deserves his privacy
A parents job is to set up a child
For opportunities to be better than
And even though he has grown
So damn fast
It will be sad to see him go off to college
And yet
Proud to say that he
Has grown up to be
A responsible
Hard working young man
Love you for so many reasons
Can’t wait to see
What comes next
For you and your dreams

_____ My Love by Robert Rodriguez. November 14, 2017. 10:25PM

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