An Invitation

So, it’s the last day
Of the Nano Poblano
Blog post a day
For the month of November
Although I didn’t post daily
Missed 3 days
I believe
But that’s not important
It’s that I joined in on the fun
Got to know you
Exchange thoughts
Read some cool posts
Be a part of something
And I’m looking forward
To doing it again next year
How’s that for an endorsement?
Some thoughts upon completion
While I didn’t like everything I wrote
I did it
It was more than a just a task
(Although some days it felt like a task)
It became a habit to write
And that’s more important
Because I had stepped away from daily writing
Because I considered not sharing
Because I had doubts
That I was good enough
All of which are ridiculous thoughts
So I must share that they were there
And I’m sure you were
In the same boat as me
So I want to thank you
For completing this Nano Poblano
Together with me
Thanks for the camaraderie
And though the task is complete
Let’s stay in touch
Write and respond
Well beyond the boundaries
And stay enjoying this bond
We now share

An invitation by Robert Rodriguez. November 30, 2017. 11:00AM


5 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. I’ve been inspired by all of your post Robert, I had a brilliant time reading them all and following your stream of consciousness/trains of thought. There has never been a dull day in any of the days you participated in! 🙂

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    1. Thank you my friend! I invited everyone to stay in touch and I haven’t done my part. Do good intentions count? Haha…anyway I’m glad we connected David. Thanks for reaching out so often. I get so busy that I sometimes leave certain parts of my life behind unintentionally. Glad you’re there to keep me on track. I even started sharing again recently, thanks to your commenting on these older posts. It kept me connected to the poetry world, so I thank you again and wish you an endless stream of ink in whatever pen you carry. And a plethora of ideas to write about. Cheers my friend

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