LA Traffic


Because emotions

Run through this mind



Especially when driving

On the 405

During rush hour

LA traffic by Robert Rodriguez. April 19, 2019. 12:17AM #NationalPoetryMonth


A love lettered

It’s not like I’ve forgotten you

I constantly think about you

And use you

I just haven’t taken the time

To let you know

How much meaning

You give life

And allow me to be

Fully self expressed

Oh words

Oh words

How I thank thee

A love lettered by Robert Rodriguez. April 18, 2019. 7:29AM #NationalPoetryMonth


Wasn’t writing in those days


When it would have helped the most

Didn’t start writing until about 2009 or so

Was asked to write

In a 12 step program

Fought it

And fought it

Didn’t want to write

Or dig deep


Put pencil to paper

What about typing

Is that allowed?

Pencil to paper is preferred

After inaction

He gave in

Ok, go ahead and type

Nah, pencil it is!

It was all flexing

Just needed to “win”

To assert

That it was my way or the highway

It was painful at first

To see the hurt


From head

To heart

To hand

To paper


The cuts were deep

Deeper than imagined

Quickly realized

It had been in there

Way too long

Let go

Let go

Of all

The bottled up bullshit

Let flow

Let flow

From pencil to paper

And out came the poetry


Salvation by Robert Rodriguez. April 14, 2019. 9:53AM #NationalPoetryMonth

Even when it’s no fun




Comes with a lot of “NO!”

And somedays

It feels like the




Will never come

Keep moving

When hearing “Let me think about it”

Ask someone else

While waiting for a response

The no’s

May outnumber

The yes’

In fact they likely will





And work

And work

Especially when quit

Is on the tip of your tongue


And work

And work

Regardless of outcome

Even when it’s no fun by Robert Rodriguez. April 8, 2019. 2:19PM #NationalPoetryMonth

For a friend

Read a note from a friend

Knew it was going to be emotional

But it wasn’t as bad as it could have been

But it was bad

And I cried for him

Through tears

His pain was mine

And I sobbed

Reminding me that life can be hard

And unforgiving

And shitty

Wanting to shake the person who hurt him

And say what the fuck is wrong with you!!

Don’t you care!?

It probably wouldn’t help them understand

But it would feel good

To be there for a friend

So they know

Someone does

Someone does

For a friend by Robert Rodriguez. April 5, 2019. 5:11AM #NationalPoetryMonth


Failed English

Twice in high school

Don’t know basic sentence structure

Write run on sentences

Commas where they don’t belong

Misuse of quotation marks

CAPITALIZATION to make a point

Parentheses over use

Saved by spellcheck

Exclamation points galore

Tons of terms simply forgotten

And yet…

Understood by Robert Rodriguez. April 4, 2019. 7:12AM #3030 #NationalPoetryMonth