Happy to help

It’s everywhere
wherever I turn
no matter where I go
as far back as I remember
when things were rough
it was always there
waiting for me
even the darkest days
when days turned to months
like I had met my quota
and all hope was gone
continued the search diligently
one small practice smile in the mirror at a time
felt sudden but my happy returned
It returned with a vengeance
the laughs came back
the happy had returned
tears of happiness still hit me to this day
when I remember the times it all felt hopeless
grateful for the happy
enjoying life as much as I can
grateful for the happy
so I share it with the world
as much as I can

Happy to help by Robert Rodriguez. November 25, 2021. Thursday 7:57PM


A style of her own

Her style didn’t end at the way she dressed
it lives in her
comes from deep within
the way she walks
the way she talks
makeup done with care
with a smile and look that hooks me
try not to stare
she’s got style
rocks it with confidence
her movements intrigue me
she gently moves with ease
style and grace
making it exciting to watch her

A style of her own by Robert Rodriguez. November 24, 2021. Wednesday 8:49PM

Thank you Ma

You mean the world to me
love, unconditionally
taught me how to be
also to avoid what I didn’t want around me
didn’t like it?
don’t do it
be better than me she says
avoid pointing fingers at others
because more point back at you when you do
I repeat
love, unconditionally
taught me to do the same
give what comes from the heart
expecting absolutely nothing in return
don’t do it for the glory
do it for the love of doing it
keep the peace
don’t step on toes unnecessarily
but be ready to defend yourself
if you must
trust, have faith
be good to others and yourself
just some of the lessons
you’ve taught me
One thing is for certain
as I’ve watched you over the years
you’ve always practiced what you preached
so it was easy to respect you fully
you taught me how to be a man
through and through
never hit a woman
treat them with respect
Don’t worry mom
I do
all these things
because of you

Thank you Ma by Robert Rodriguez. November 23, 2021. Tuesday 12:44PM

One I’ll never forget

It was the first Thanksgiving
after separating
kid was with me
we had a family thing
festivities had concluded
so it was time to get him ready
for our thing at a local eatery
just us and baby
went to grab him
just beyond my grasp
trips out of van
head first onto the brick steps
a bloody mess
quick shower, get him dressed
head to the restaurant
we meet, we sit
as the waitress walks up
I see the slow drip
blood still oozing
in a panicked moment
grab his face pretending to play
napkin in hand
hoping the waitress didn’t notice
she takes the order and walks away
little while later the food comes
we sit, we eat
all night long the blood keeps trickling
head watching the front door
because all I can think
she noticed the baby bleeding
and called cops
or child protective services

One I’ll never forget by Robert Rodriguez. November 22, 2021. Monday 7:34PM

Blind faith

The ability to trust blindly
like I believe in you and I
picking up where we left off
yesterday with some
years ago with others
the care carries on
despite life creating temporary severance
you went your way and I mine
separation growing in time
yet here we are face to face or online
we meet again
friend of mine
I’ve been faithfully waiting
for your sunshine

Blind Faith by Robert Rodriguez. November 21, 2021. Sunday 10:44AM

To So Many

Grateful for all the things
that are a given
like health
a place to live
and so many things that
should never be understated
This grateful list is for the people
the ones who have become
new friends and maybe we haven’t
known each other very long
The ones known from the beginning
and everyone in between
I thank you
if we’ve interacted
you’ve made me smile
maybe you’ve made me laugh
or I’ve joked with you
could be we shared a conversation
or two or three….with some too many to count
these things all mean so much to me
taking nothing and nobody for granted
Grateful for the little things
the inside jokes
the old and the new memories
we make
Grateful for you all
friends and family
sending you all the love and light
you so graciously give me

To so many by Robert Rodriguez. November 20, 2021. Saturday 4:06PM

You are…

Your message comes in like sunshine
good morning
putting a smile on my face
The warmth of your greeting
a breath of fresh air
take it all in
The conversation
nutrients aplenty
When tapped
Go back for more
because I like a little extra sunshine
in my day

You are… by Robert Rodriguez. November 19, 2021. Friday 11:17AM

A 90’s thing

Thirteen to twenty two
junior high was a trip
the homies had a dance crew
you had to do the “Running Man” to get in
it wasn’t a one day thing
practiced but still couldn’t get it
determined at initiation
I said it’s kinda old but I can do this…
proceeded to drop down and do “The Worm”
rejected but I understood why
a year later oldies and records were my thing
decided to cut my hair a bit
clippers buzzed
and Zzzzzzz…holy shit what the hell?
Its not that bad but I’m sorry the clip fell off
looked in the mirror
there was a strip 5 inches long, gone
fuck it, cut it off
it was gone in a flash
who knew how much life would change
woke up in disbelief
only kid with a buzz cut at school
mom please let me stay home
Hell no!
you gotta deal with it
went to school
most laughed and clowned
girls just wanted to rub my head
Hey! maybe it isn’t so bad
huge grin because the dudes who clowned
now mad because I got the attention
from bad to good and then came after school
started walking home
and up came a mini truck with 5 deep
Where you from fool?
nowhere…they claimed their set
I booked it across the main street
because they started chasing me
hid in a small business I walked past everyday
the owner told me hide in the back
I heard someone come to the door
did a kid run in here
no, nobody is here but me
they left and the business owner said
stay as long as you’d like
thanked him and left a few minutes later
Sometimes I’d fight
Sometimes I’d run
shaved head, cruising
and thinking I was trying to avoid trouble
when everything I did kept me in suspense
but that was most of the 90’s until
I met the mother of my son in 98
and a new chapter began
that would change my life again

A 90’s thing by Robert Rodriguez. November 18, 2021. Thursday 10:15AM

A Sponge named Bob

Who lives in a pineapple?
You’re asking me, seriously?
Mr. Jellyfishing
Mr. I’m Ready
that’s easy
Mr. When in doubt, pinky out
Mr. Fry cook
Mr. F is for friends
Mr. U is for you and me
Mr. N is for aNywhere and aNytime at all
down here in the deep blue sea
Mr. Imagination
Mr. Good morning world
and all who inhabit it

A Sponge named Bob by Robert Rodriguez. November 16, 2021. Tuesday 7:27AM