Like A Weed

Going to a wedding tomorrow
It’s been a while since the last one
3 or 4 years, maybe
Wore slacks
Nice shirt
And tie
No jacket
Because I outgrew it
Going to a wedding tomorrow
It’s been a while since the last one
3 or 4 years, maybe
Got a nice shirt
And tie
This time
No slacks
Catching up to my chest and belly
So I’m off to the store now
Don’t feel bad just yet
There is some good news in all of this
At least my socks still fit

Like a weed by Robert Rodriguez. November 17, 2017. 12:32PM

The Trick

Got the idea back when I worked at an advertising agency.
I worked in the mail room but my job was so easy that I had to find a way to challenge myself. I always enjoyed hanging with a couple of copywriters. They were the Bob’s. Don’t ask me why they were the Bob’s because their names sounded nothing like Bob, but that’s what they called each other. Being that Bob is a nickname for Robert, I fit right in. I’d ask them what they were working on and they’d share…
One day I said, hey, maybe I can help. I can’t hang with you but I’ll have some ideas for you when I come back around later…
Later in the day, on my third and final round of the day Around the agency I’d share the ideas I came up with that I’d jot down in a notebook I started keeping…
Some ideas they loved but they said they were too crude since it was for a “luxury brand”…
The task felt natural so I asked if they didn’t mind if I took my lunch with them, since they took working lunches while brainstorming ideas for ads.
They said sure. They explained to me, the first ideas were important, no matter how stupid they were because it basically got rid of the crap until the good ideas came…
Thanks to the Bob’s, I now use this trick when I’m trying to write poetry or a story that flows.
If it doesn’t flow, I stop and write about something else or try starting the same story with a different approach…
If you ever feel stuck with your writing, try it and let me know how it works, and I’ll give the Bob’s your warmest regards.

The trick by Robert Rodriguez. November 15, 2017. 11:21PM

_____ My Love

The kid has grown so fast
He sets his own alarm nowadays
No more waking him up
Getting him in the shower
Making sure he eats a little something
Before driving him
13 miles
16 miles
20 miles
One way
Across town
Hour long drives
Just to get him to school on time
Then after school pick-up
Twice a day
In LA traffic
Averaging 3-4 hours in a car together
Didn’t even care
Because it was time well spent
Daily conversations
Life lessons and sharing
Some rides silent
Didn’t matter
It was still time spent together
He drives himself now
Has his owns schedule
And social calendar
Applying for college
Newly registered voter
He’ll get to vote in the next election
The kid has grown so fast
Don’t share much about him
Because he deserves his privacy
A parents job is to set up a child
For opportunities to be better than
And even though he has grown
So damn fast
It will be sad to see him go off to college
And yet
Proud to say that he
Has grown up to be
A responsible
Hard working young man
Love you for so many reasons
Can’t wait to see
What comes next
For you and your dreams

_____ My Love by Robert Rodriguez. November 14, 2017. 10:25PM

Like A Cold Wind

Followed by tear filled eyes
More chills
This game
Fills my heart
Like family
Used to study the game as a kid
As hard as I study music now
And it fills my heart
How do you explain
Drive and passion
Being moved to do
What seems to some
For something once played
This game
Which I now leave behind
Sometimes years at a time
But when I return
It’s like I never left
And chills
Creep up my arms
To shoulders
To the back of my neck
And the top of my head
The chess match
Between pitcher and hitter
Manager vs. Manager
Team vs. team
City vs. city
When watching no hitters
One hitters
No matter the score
At the sound
Of the crack of a ball off a bat
Knowing the winning run
Is coming home
Brings chills
Chills bring passion
Baseball brings memories
Tears fill my eyes
They may not understand it
Until they feel
What brings them
Like family
And baseball
Does to me

Like a cold wind by Robert Rodriguez. November 13, 2017. 12:36PM

Just Because

Not knowing where to go is ok. Not knowing what to write is ok. In fact, it may be the most free way to be. There is nothing to stop me from writing anything, other than my own imagination. If I wanted to, I could scream, or eat ice cream or dance. There was hesitation there I thought harder than I should have. This is supposed to be an exercise in stream of conscious writing. Why? Because I said so. And I’m the boss. In charge of the things that come to mind. And I feel like arguing for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel like writing a normal poem today. Instead I want to share a bit of what my mind does throughout the day. Interesting? Answer if you’d like but there is no wrong answer. Or care, on my part. Because this is just an exercise in stream of conscious writing and I think I’ve said enough.

Just because by Robert Rodriguez. November 12, 2017. 2:32PM

Self Love Seeking

Deeper than skin

Even though your skin

Is beautiful 

There’s more to you 



How do you explain 

Beauty that moves

In a jiggle

Or sway 

Beauty that glides


Flowing smoothly 

In every situation 



Your whole body a smile

That age can’t fade

True blue


With a bit of selfish

Because self care is important 


Deeper than skin


And kind

You are 


Self love seeking by Robert Rodriguez. November 10, 2017. 9:46AM

Free To Create

Reading haiku’s from The Illusion of Controlled Chaos’ blog (and fellow Nano Poblano 2017 participant)  inspired me to share my favorite haiku with everyone. She is writing a haiku a day (sometimes as many as 5 a day) through the month of November. Please give her blog a visit, I’m pretty sure you’ll be inspired too!