Double Dare You

The lines don’t always flow

it can still be poetry

Things go wrong sometimes

and yet beauty can remain

Sometimes the hits keep coming

be ready, glove in hand

Life isn’t always easy

the trick is to ask for help if you dare

Double dare you by Robert Rodriguez. September 1, 2022. 7:55PM



In the depths of great sadness
I threw my hands in the air
There is nothing I can do!
It’s beyond my control!
The sadness was still there
but it was no longer great
All there is to do is wait
Leave it for time to decide…
And it did.

Release by Robert Rodriguez. Friday, January 7, 2022. 9:38AM

To closing out a year

It’s almost the end of a new year
and things that were meant to be done
got put on the back burner
and sleep and self care
and fighting some sickness
was the focus
Setting boundaries
learning likes and dislikes
took precedent
so maybe a few things didn’t happen
but so many more important things…

To closing out a year by Robert Rodriguez. December 26, 2021. 12:53PM

The dance of life

The ups and downs
the spinning around
dancing on a cloud
gotta sit down
catch breath
only to be pulled back in
such is life I guess
gotta stand up to feel it
rest and recover
dance around with passion
live a life
have fun
breaks when needed
but don’t, don’t, don’t forget
have fun
because you never know
what’s to come

The dance of life by Robert Rodriguez. November 30, 2021. Tuesday 5:41AM