Like It Or Not


I don’t feel like it

So I don’t

But when I do

Regardless of how it feels

It always works out

Usually for the best

Or at least with

What is needed 

Like it or not by Robert Rodriguez. November 6, 2017. 10:36AM 

5 thoughts on “Like It Or Not

  1. Boy, have I felt this way throughout this month Robert! Lots of push and pull, some days it’s easy, other days diamond hard. As you say though, everything usually works out for the best, there is more often than not a way to find a thread somewhere and then pull it until the magic appears 😉 I guess this means that I like this then 🙂

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      1. Appreciate your comments Roberts. Speaking of pressure, I just added even more to myself and took several hours over two days to craft my latest poem but hey, no pressure 😉 I’m just glad to have it finished. I do get frustrated at all of the steps I have to go through to get something published and out there but as you say, it is better to have fun with it and be proud of what you do. I like spending the extra time polishing, so that it comes out as professional as it possible can be 🙂 We are really motoring through the month, so this ‘wonderful’ experience will all be over with very soon 🙂

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      2. My pleasure David. Ha! Nothing wrong with taking it serious and polishing and working hard on writing. In the end, if it makes you happy that’s all that matters.
        Wish you the best experience, that is for certain.
        I write for myself first. Once it’s shared, it no longer belongs to me (technically it does but you get my point) people will have opinions, good or bad but if I’m happy, then that’s all that matters. (thanks for listening) Cheers my friend.


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