The Trick

Got the idea back when I worked at an advertising agency.
I worked in the mail room but my job was so easy that I had to find a way to challenge myself. I always enjoyed hanging with a couple of copywriters. They were the Bob’s. Don’t ask me why they were the Bob’s because their names sounded nothing like Bob, but that’s what they called each other. Being that Bob is a nickname for Robert, I fit right in. I’d ask them what they were working on and they’d share…
One day I said, hey, maybe I can help. I can’t hang with you but I’ll have some ideas for you when I come back around later…
Later in the day, on my third and final round of the day Around the agency I’d share the ideas I came up with that I’d jot down in a notebook I started keeping…
Some ideas they loved but they said they were too crude since it was for a “luxury brand”…
The task felt natural so I asked if they didn’t mind if I took my lunch with them, since they took working lunches while brainstorming ideas for ads.
They said sure. They explained to me, the first ideas were important, no matter how stupid they were because it basically got rid of the crap until the good ideas came…
Thanks to the Bob’s, I now use this trick when I’m trying to write poetry or a story that flows.
If it doesn’t flow, I stop and write about something else or try starting the same story with a different approach…
If you ever feel stuck with your writing, try it and let me know how it works, and I’ll give the Bob’s your warmest regards.

The trick by Robert Rodriguez. November 15, 2017. 11:21PM

3 thoughts on “The Trick

  1. This is fantastic Robert. You are a pioneer of stream of consciousness. With this one, I really like how it unfolds as a story, slice of life, life lesson, useful advice and a poem, all wrapped into one. I will say though thanks to this, I have an overwhelming urge to now call you “Bobbert” instead of Robert 🙂

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